Artists Statement 


Christina King practices the manipulation of reality and emotion as it relates to the human existence.  Often an interpretation of situations with opposites and challenges. Christina’s art suggests a sensitive explanation to these experiences with a deep connection to self.  It is in the process of art making that connection and metacognition occurs.  

 Her relationship to nature and respect of the ebb and flow of all relationships is continually present in her work.  Christina works in mixed media, primarily painting with oil and surface treatment.  The multiple layers of her work replicate the foundations present in personal and experiential practice.  Constant discovery and exploration of the world around us with a clear desire to become the best version possible is her ongoing quest.

An Expressive Arts Psychotherapist by profession and self- taught painter, Christina channels her clinical training and unique experiences as a child in her artwork as well as her work with her Elementary school students.  This approach, led by nurturing and feeling, allows for students to build their confidence in a sometimes-abstract world.  By building their skills, students may feel more at ease to express themselves in the safe setting of the studio.  We call the studio our “Sacred Space”, where drama, judgment and negativity cannot affect our sense of well -being. We are only supportive and encouraging of one another and of the skills and techniques acquired there.


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